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Fryers & Filters Donut Fryer (Electric)

The Avalon Electric Fryer is a Heavy -Duty Fryer in a compact design to give maximum production in minimum space.  A perfect fryer for any fried foods.

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Fryers & Filters Donut Fryer (Gas) Standard Pilot

The Avalon Standing Pilot Gas Fryer is a industry favorite.  With no electrical needed it is perfect for special events, food trucks, fairs, and carnivals.

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Fryers & Filters Donut Fryer (Gas) Electronic Ignition

The Avalon Electronic Ignition Gas Fryer is reliable, efficient and easy to use. Made for commercial use of any fried foods. Perfect for supermarkets, bakeries, donut shops, restaurants and more.

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Fryers & Filters Oil / Shortening Filters

The Avalon Shortening Filter is efficient and easy to use.  Perfect for cleaning all types of fryers.  Conveniently stores under compatible fryers.

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